New Release: Closet Organ – Fuck the Home Office


‘Fuck the Home Office’ is a two fingered salute to one of the most odious, despicable government departments the UK has ever seen. Their appalling treatment of the most vulnerable people under the ‘hostile environment’ policy is executed in a deliberately vindictive and cripplingly incompetent manner – with zero interest or concern for those caught up in the purposefully obtuse and ever changing set of contradictory rules and regulations. Seemingly accountable to nobody, they gleefully brandish their vast powers to bring misery to peoples lives – splitting up families, locking up children, and conducting dawn raids.

Fuck them.

The digital only single is available now from the Cow Tongue Taco Records Bandcamp. If you pay over a fiver, you’ll get this fetching ‘Wicked Witch of Westminster’ soft enamel pin badge included: